The Online Bar Review provides a bar review that includes substantive law outlines in the 15 CA Bar Exam subjects, a 150 page Legal Exam Writing Workbook, 3,400 multiple choice MBE questions, a Performance Workbook with13 Performance exams, a Past Bar essay exam book with over 185 Bar essay exams, IRAC sample outlines/answers, passing student answers and much more. The online lectures allow 24/7 online access.

The Baby Bar Review course begins with essay and multiple choice examination strategies followed by a comprehensive substantive law review of each Baby Bar subject. Approaches, checklists, and writing techniques are integrated throughout to enhance your issue spotting, analysis, and application skills, all of which are necessary to pass the Baby Bar Examination. 

The Performance Exam Solution® Workshop is structured to teach you an effective step-by-step method for handling the Performance Exam. You will learn how to develop and implement the analytical, organizational, and writing skills necessary to produce a superior Performance answer.

The Science of the Multistate Workshop, a five and one-half hour online course, teaches multiple choice logic, interpretation, analysis, and reading comprehension on a step-by-step basis. This workshop prepares you for all multiple choice MBE testing formats. The written course materials can be used throughout law school to reinforce the Science of the Multistate multiple choice techniques.

The Legal Examination Writing Workshop is designed to teach law students how to Analyze, Organize, and Write a Superior Law School, Baby Bar, or Bar Essay Examination.  The course clearly demonstrates these fundamental writing techniques on a Step-by-Step Basis.  By doing so, students have both a visual and cognitive understanding of proper essay examination format.

Baby Bar Live Chat Sessions limited to first 50 students to enroll - Registration first come first served.  The last day to register is May 19, 2015.
  • 10 hour Program - 5 individual chat sessions (2 hours each) emphasizing Essay, Multiple Choice and Exam Testing Skills in Torts, Contracts/U.C.C., and Crimes
  • 130 page Workbook provided. The Workbook is not available in published form.
  • Price: $200.00 per student

Instructors-Professor Peter M. Lee and Professor Jeff  A. Fleming (combined 40 years of experience preparing students for the CA Baby Bar Exam)